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Weathering the Storm

January 12, 2015

I was reluctant to write about storms after seeing some of the pictures of devastation wreaked and hearing stories of havoc caused over the past few days, but now I have the chance to reflect, whilst we are in a much needed lull, I can see that anything that contains that much power and magnitude […]

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Safe-Keeping Christmas

December 16, 2014

Traditio – the latin noun from the verb tradere, meaning to transmit, to hand over or to give for safe-keeping. This is where our word tradition stems from and it is this concept of handing over that I wish to examine as we lead up to Christmas and where-else to look for this handing over […]

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Over the Ord

November 10, 2014

I took a trip to Helmsdale last weekend and as I was driving up Berriedale Braes, somewhat slowly, as I was stuck behind a lorry hauling logs, I started to think about the to-ing and fro-ing that occurs to and from Caithness. In particular, how that movement has always existed and still does today, whether […]

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Stroma – Forming a Picture

October 13, 2014

Have you ever seen something at a distance and formed an impression of it, and then seen it close up and formed an entirely different view of it? People say that about my paintings. At a distance they see the entire scene and see the image of a bigger picture, but close up they see […]

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Light in Caithness

September 8, 2014

As an artist, my thoughts naturally turn towards the fading light at this time of year. It’s not that the light is any less spectacular; it just alters and becomes less vibrant and less contrasting. And with less daylight hours my daily routine changes as I spend more time indoors painting and replenishing stock that […]

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Shifting Perspective

August 11, 2014

‘Shifting Perspective’ is the name of a painting of mine. It is a snap-shot of a wave, honing in on the detail, taking a small piece of the sea and magnifying each particle and droplet. Artists tend to be adept at this; of taking something, whether it is an object or scene and examining them […]

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A Sense of Belonging

July 7, 2014

I have been busy lately with local craft markets, one of them being Caithness Horizons Ancient Ancestors’ Festival and as I sat there mingling with the Vikings (as you do!) I thought about them in relation to the history of Caithness but also as a movement of people. When they invaded in the 9th Century […]

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Dealing with Disappointment

June 20, 2014

I am writing this blog following a brief spell of professional disappointment. Yes, I want to be honest with you, it does still happen. But, this set-back instead of overpowering me and rendering me helpless for a few days, like it would have in the past, has instead highlighted something. And that is how I […]

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Go create!

May 19, 2014

Expression is all but a choice of medium. Well it is for me anyhow! Naturally I am drawn (no pun intended!) to paint, but sometimes I find it easier to express the feeling with words. And even sometimes, on rare occasions, I sing! And lately, those of you following my blogs will know that, I […]

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Reflections on the Sea

May 6, 2014

“From Duncansby to Ord Head See what grandeur decks the coast; Of her coastline, may not Caithness With good reason proudly boast?”   James Bremner Where else to write about the sea than at the sea? I have come to the bay that nestles between Noss Head and Sinclair Girnigoe. A treasure that only a few […]

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An Artist’s Lessons Learned

April 17, 2014

For anyone starting out on this journey, whether it be as an artist or in following your heart in general, I have put together 18 points that will see you through..Lessons I have learned on the way. Tenacity..You have to have it. The inner strength to keep going when everything seems to be against you. […]

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Caithness; A Bird’s Eye View

April 7, 2014

Here we are within the parameters of Spring, as it nudges at our hair and teases us into taking off these thick Winter jackets. Dare we? Signs of Spring are everywhere as I travel across the county, from the blooming daffodils to the newborn lambs. Spring is my favourite season as everything comes to life […]

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What does this Artist do all day?!

March 31, 2014

I have been catching up with the BBC 4 series ‘What do artists do all day?’ and the insight it has given me into other artists’ lives has been a relief to say the least.  I am not alone, although sometimes it feels like I am a breed into myself! Recently I posted a link […]

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Once upon a Time in Caithness

March 10, 2014

Do you ever have one of those moments when your mind releases its shackles and drops its blinkers and you realise just how miniscule you really are? Like when a loved one dies and the knowledge hits you in waves of clarity that we all die. Our lives here are merely a breath in the […]

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Creating Dreams

February 24, 2014

Two TV programmes to catch my eye lately were both on Channel 5 and are a complete juxtaposition of subject matter. ‘World’s Busiest’ immersed the viewer in the frantic energy of the Venetian Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas, which claims to be the world’s busiest hotel, catering for 7,000 guests at one time and bringing […]

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