Wave Paintings in Oils – On the Cusp

I’ll let you into a wee, exclusive secret. I am on the cusp. I am starting something new. And it feels like coming home. I have been painting more or less full-time for 10 years, and up until now I have always been drawn to acrylics. I like acrylics because they are bright and punchy, they are quick drying, they don’t smell and they are the medium I used when I learned to paint many moons ago at school and college. But I feel that I have learned everything I can from them and as much as I still love them, I want to challenge myself as an artist.

I have started painting in oils. And it is pure joy. I have also come home to seascapes. And it is pure bliss. I now feel like I have the best of both worlds. I can continue to be inspired by my wonderful landscape here in the Scottish Highlands and paint in acrylics, but I can also follow the call of the sea and create evocative, atmospheric oil paintings that reflect my love of the sea.

This is just a little 40 minute sketch I did to show how I use oil paint to create a wave.

I love how the oil colours blend together and am very excited to start creating some much larger paintings. I will be signing these oils in my married name, Lisa McDonald, to reflect how I have evolved not only as an artist but as a person. I feel that these oil paintings come from deep within my soul, away from the trappings of commercialism. I see them as pure art. At this stage I don’t think I would even recreate them as prints. I want them to stand on their own as a piece of art.

'On the Cusp' Oil Painting

‘On the Cusp’ Oil Painting










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Meanwhile, do not fear, Lisa Weller is still here and very much enjoying where the acrylic journey is taking me too. I’m working on the third of my ‘Inspired by Sutherland’ series and loving the colours. My favourite colour is turquoise and in this series I get to truly immerse myself in all the different shades and patterns of this sea colour.

Thank you for reading. The wind is hammering at the sea outside the window again. It truly is delightful to watch, although not so delightful to walk or even stand up in! I am looking forward to going out with the camera tomorrow when the wind has died down but the waves are still high.

Take care. I will see you next week.

Lisa xx







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