The Hidden Message at John O’Groats

Have you seen this little diagram about life’s journey?

Bumpy Life Path

Bumpy Life Path

That when we see our destination we envisage a straight path, a nice diagonal line, but in reality when we take that journey it is far from straight. The path is full of twists and turns, detours, huge peaks, troughs, valleys, dips and obstacles to climb?

Why is this? Why is life like that?

Because at the end of the day we are not in control, much as we like to think that we are. I believe in God so I would say that He is in control, but you might say a higher force or external forces affect you. Either way, we are not in control. Period.

It is our choice how the unexpected, bumpy parts of the path of life affect us. We can either complain and resist, try to take back some sort of control or we can surrender and release, knowing the only control we ever really have is the control over our own reactions. This bumpy path is still going to happen, regardless. All we have to do is trust, relax and enjoy the journey. For surely life is about the journey, not the destination.

I know, it’s been an age since I last wrote, and it’s not for want of trying, but other ‘things’ have simply taken over. My already winding path, never knowing what is round the corner, took an unexpected detour in the summer.

I took on a new gallery – The Last House at John O’Groats, initially as a pop up trial for August and September, but now a group of us are looking to make it a permanent venture throughout the busy tourist season in years to come. This was a fabulous opportunity that I just had to pursue. Not only did it benefit me in terms of sales, but it added value to John O’Groats and provided a much needed space for tourists to visit. The Last House is such a special little place and it was an honour to be working and selling in there. It literally is the last house at the end of the road and is full of history and stories, and you know how I love my stories!

The Last House Gallery

The Last House Gallery

As well as other artists and makers using the space we put on music sessions, storytelling sessions and ran workshops from the building. My heart smiles when I think back on all the special moments from the summer. The highlight must be me painting looking out over the sea across to Orkney being accompanied by an acoustic guitar player and an accordion player. Magical, just magical. So fingers crossed for next season and for doing the same again, but making it even more special.

I missed writing and painting so much though. Because a lot of my time was spent in the gallery and we were open 7 days a week, my time at the easel was severely restricted. And coming back to it now feels like coming back to my self. It makes me appreciate just how creative I have become and how much I am heart-led. When I have to use my rusty left brain for a long period of time I get grumpy. It’s just not me. But in these last 5 months I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone by not only running a gallery but by taking business courses that have strengthened my logic and increased by analytical skills. I’ve even had to get up in front of 50 other people and pitch for 60 seconds about my business..That was no easy task for this introvert I can tell you!

But it’s all necessary because if I didn’t push myself I wouldn’t grow, both as a business or as a person. And my message wouldn’t get out to the world. Because in every painting, every piece of writing, or every photo that I take there is a message. I was going to describe what I think this message is but I think it’s up to you to find it. And I hope you do.

Not My Storm Painting

Not My Storm Original Painting

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Thank you for reading. I will write again as soon as I can.

Until then..Best wishes,

Lisa Weller

Lisa Weller

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