Precious Memories

This blog was quite hard to write and it has been several weeks in the making and some tears, but I am here now and I am pleased with the result. It involves a painting and a poem..

This is the painting that I have been working on:

Memories at Shoreham

Memories at Shoreham

It’s very special for many different reasons – Firstly, it is going back to Sussex to be exhibited in a church as part of the Adur Festival and I love it when my paintings get to one, be back in Sussex and two, hang in spiritual places. If you are in the Sussex area from Saturday 4th June until 19th June please do pop into St Mary’s church in Shoreham-By-Sea and you will see how spirituality and art combine to create a special exhibition. Secondly, the idea for this painting was ‘given’ to me, I intuited it, or whatever you want to say, and I let go and let ‘God’ a lot during the creative process.

The theme for the exhibition is ‘Memories’ and at first I was thinking of painting something personal, as having grown up in Shoreham I have plenty of memories of the place, but no..I was given this idea instead. And this is where the tears come..because this painting isn’t for me, or even for you. It’s in memory of the 11 souls that died in the Shoreham Air Show crash just last year and it is for their families. It will exhibit in the church and after that who it belongs to, time will tell.

Not only did the painting just come, but this poem too, which I have to tell you had me in pieces as I was writing it. It’s not just for the families of the Air Show victims but for anyone who has lost someone. I think it applies to us all.

Precious Memories

When you are no longer here

To speak to or to dry my tears

I will hold you close

And pull you into my memories.


When you no longer call me

To tell me your latest news

I will see your smile

And thank God..for the memories.


When I can no longer hear your voice

Or feel your warm presence

I will remember your laughter

And revel in the memories.


When all around me seems so cold

And I am at a loss

I’ll know what you would say to me

And will find the memories.


When we gather together

But your table place is empty

I will raise a glass to you

And know that you live on…as memories.


When everyone else has forgotten

To mention your sweet name

I will shout it out loud

And honour you with…my memories.


When my time is drawing near

And you stand closer to me

I will open wide my arms

And be sure to leave behind…some memories.


I have been working on several other commissions too, all very personal to each customer. Here are a few of them:

Aurora at Oldshoremore Beach

Aurora at Oldshoremore Beach








The Peace of God

The Peace of God










A Cypriot Sunset

A Cypriot Sunset










Sunrise at Brig O'Stack

Sunrise at Brig O’Stack










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Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and for staying with me on this journey.

Until next time,

Lisa Weller xx

Lisa Weller

Inspiring Art from the Heart of the Scottish Highlands

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