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There I was scrabbling around in the the back end of my twenties wondering where the years had gone, and more to the point worrying about where I was heading. I definitely didn’t want to be going in the same direction for another twenty years…which for me was completely the wrong direction – on a corporate path and having my life dictated by money. Earning money to pay the mortgage, but feeling empty inside.

So I pulled myself up by the roots, did a lot of soul-searching, and re-planted myself so that I can now grow in the direction I want to grow in- towards the light, I would say. Actually someone else told me that, on this journey, my face is turning more and more towards God the older I get. Like a wild flower leaning into the sun, is how he put it, but that’s another story.

As I have reached my next milestone of creating my own gallery here in Wick I can look back and reflect and see how it happened and how you too can make your dreams come true. I think you have to be on completely the wrong path to want to get off it. If your path is OK, or you can tolerate it, then perhaps a little tweaking is all that is required to live in optimum happiness, but for me, everything had to go. I was an IT Project Manager in the NHS and now I am a full-time artist, the gap between these paths was huge. Too huge to make adjustments.

Like being on a train going at full speed, I didn’t even wait for it to stop at a station, I just jumped off. I couldn’t stay another day confined in the carriage. But once I had jumped I had to work out what I did want to do.. It was then that I learned to lean on my intuition more than ever. It was my head that had put me on the corporate path but my heart was going to pull me out. I started journalling, I read self-help books, I sought advice,  I went to self-improvement conferences, I spent time alone and I started to dream.

Journal Sketch

Journal Sketch

The more I listened to my heart the more it wanted to speak, and there it was already imprinted on it..The idea to be an artist with my own little gallery 🙂

I sketched it out in October 2009 and now I smile to myself as I am living that dream…7 years is all it’s taken..just 7 years. The name is not the same but the concept is exactly the same. I paint and sell my work by the sea. I just didn’t know then that I would be living right on top of it!

And next to it on the previous page, some steps to go through, that I must have done before I sketched. It is these I want to share with you

  1. When I have decided what I want to do and how much I want to earn, write it down.
  2. Draw a picture of myself in the job, and my bank balance.
  3. Light a candle and thank the angels and the universe for bringing this work to me.
  4. Take steps to prepare myself for this job.

    Action List

    Action List

For some of you this maybe a bit ‘artsy fartsy’, a bit ‘woowoo’ a bit ‘hippy’, but all I am saying is that it worked for me. You’ll find a way that works for you. Something that feels comfortable. Maybe it will just be envisioning it, and being thankful, then letting go. But it all starts in the heart – if you can feel it, you can imagine it, you can bring it into being. Anything is possible.

As for my future now..well that is for me to know, and you to wait and see. All I can say is that I have started dreaming already…

So Haven House is now OPEN and just waiting for you to visit.

Haven House Art

Haven House Art

But until that day you can still purchase here on my website and I am still taking commissions.

This is is just one of the paintings available as a print.

Mystic Realm

Mystic Realm










Thank you for reading my blog and good luck.

Lisa Weller xx

Lisa Weller

Inspiring Art from the Heart of the Scottish Highlands

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