Growing Branches in Caithness

I’ve just completed another set of accounts which means I have been self-employed eight years now. What a journey! I see my journey like the growth of a child. In the early days I had no idea what I was doing, at least in terms of running a business. Sure I could paint, that comes to me as easily as breathing, but the business side has been a huge learning curve. Much as a child learns to walk and become more aware of who they are in relation to others, I had to learn the business ‘ropes’.

Early Days - First Exhibition

Early Days – First Exhibition

I think in the early days I didn’t believe success could happen so I wasn’t prepared for it. Every painting I sold was not only a huge blessing, but a little bit shocking. OK I’m selling paintings, I thought, now what do I do? Where do I go from here? How can I reach more people? And out of those thoughts I have carved a business that is still growing today. I still perceive myself to be in the early days..I wonder at what stage I will reach my teenage years?! Every day I learn more about business, but subsequently pieces of me grow. The underlying trunk of the business is me and my painting, but from that branches are reaching out and blossoming.

So all I can say to you is hang in there and be patient with yourself. If you have a dream hang tight to it, feed it and nourish it, but watch how the little branches start to grow in places you never thought possible.

A Caithness Tree

A Caithness Tree

Talking of trees I was out walking in Caithness last weekend and I was a little perturbed see how the forests up here can disappear so quickly. I don’t know why it shocks me that forest planted to create wood are cut down, as it is the nature of the business. One forest I was in looked absolutely destroyed as most of the trees had been felled. The landscape had completely changed…It made me sad, but then something told me to look again.

That’s when I began to see the new trees that had been planted and beginning to shoot from the ground. I understood then and was being reminded that old things must die for the new to come in.

Growth..It’s all about growth. We, as individuals, can not grow if we hold on to the old. We must let go of old habits, old patterns, resentments and hurts to be able to move forward. Since then I have been heeding that advice and have spring cleaned not only my environment but me too!! Let’s see what new things God/the universe has in store for me now….

In business news – I’ve been busy guest blogging for other organisations, for Holiday Scottish Highlands and for Venture North. I think my passion for Caithness is getting quite a reputation, so it was with pleasure that I could write about the delights of this far north. You can read them here:

The doors of the cottage are now open weekday afternoons and I have had a lot of visitors already. It’s taken some getting used to, being interrupted, mid-flow for me and mid-snooze for the assistant (!), but it’s worth it. Why have this beautiful view and location if we can’t share it?!

Tommy the Assistant

Tommy the Assistant

There are products that are only available here in the cottage so it is worth a visit. Plus the more visitors I get through the door the quicker I can get my tea room built 🙂

Haven House Products

Haven House Products

I’m still available for commissions. I have targets now and a three year plan (get me!!) so make sure you book your slot to ensure it is complete before any special occasion.

Thank you for following me on my journey. I appreciate every one of you. You can say you were there in the early days 😉

Until next time,

Lisa Weller xx

Lisa Weller

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