The Gallery at John O’Groats

We are all set for another season in The Gallery at John O’Groats.

Here is a little tour for you-

Remember that everything you see here is available to purchase on my website too.

We’ve done well. We’ve created something from nothing and brought something extra to John O’Groats. The feedback has been nothing but positive. And with the growth and the popularity of the North Coast 500 touring route we feel that the Gallery will only get busier.

I remember fighting resistance and doubts all the way to this point. “There’s nothing at John O’Groats”, “Caithness is dying a death” and “You’ll never make it as a full-time artist”, were just some of the comments I had to listen to. But I love it when people tell me I can’t do something. It makes me all the more determined to prove them wrong!

And also great things can happen when we all work together. We are just one of the people led groups established in the far north doing everything we can to put Caithness and Sutherland on the map. And it is working…

I’ll see you next week,

Lisa xx

Here is the link to The Gallery website –


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