About Me, Lisa Weller – Scottish Artist

I have been painting full-time since 2009 and have never been happier. I was on a corporate path, driven by money and status, but it wasn’t ‘me’. Originally from the south of England, I now live in the stunning, rugged, wild far north of Scotland, in my beautiful Haven House. What more can I say? I love where I live. And how I got here is another story, but I’ll save that for another time!

I have always painted and been creative. I thank Grandma..she gave me the genes and taught me everything. But the most important information the 8 year old me clung to was that nothing in nature is one colour…It is made up of many colours and shades. Thank you Grandma.

If I am not painting, I am out with my camera. If not out in nature, I am writing poems or short stories. Life is bursting with inspiration and my imagination thrives on it.

I believe my paintings always end up in the right hands, therefore I trust that you are that right person 🙂

Lisa Weller Scottish Artist

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